Andy is a software which can be used to run Android apps on Windows and MacOS. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to use your Android phone in parallel with PC. For example, I use Google Authenticator for two-factor authentications. It becomes difficult to take out the phone each time I need the authenticator app. Andy is a software which can come in handy in this situation.

Andy lets users run Android apps on PC without any issues. One limitation of Andy is that since it is an emulator, if you are using Hyper-V or Virtualbox will need to be disabled to run Andy.


Syncing With Your Phone

The best thing that I like about AndY is that you can install this app in your phone. and you can sync it with your Windows version of Andy. Just tap the 1clicksync app in both your phone and laptop and chose the app the apps you want to sync.

Overall, AndY is a good choice for people who want a pretty straight forward setup and phone and PC synchronization. It’s a software you can find from their official website and it’s free to use. The link is given below:



You can see the compatibility chart given below the download option and check whether you can install this emulator or not.


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