The recent release of Skype 8.18 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for download and installation from Microsoft. Get the latest Skype 8.18 offline installer direct download links in this article. The latest release is has got colorful design and supports end to end encryption Like, WhatsApp.

Skype 8.18 features and advantages

The earlier versions of Skype used to save chat history on the local computer. This meant that if Windows got corrupted, Skype history would be lost. This is not the case now. Skype 8.18 is cloud based and synchronizes chat history with Microsoft servers.

Another advantage of using Skype 8.18 or above is encryption. Like, WhatsApp, Skype also supports end to end encryption but you need to be running Skype 8.14 or higher.

While Microsoft will not offer any updates for Skype Classic and 7.40 is the last released version which will not be supported after some time. So Skype 8.xx or above is the way to go in future.

Interestingly, the change log page of Skype from Microsoft seems to be abandoned. Microsoft shows the latest release as Skype 7.4. I’m unable to find any other change log page relating to Skype 8.


Skype 8.18 direct download link

Download Skype for Windows Desktop (Stable release) [58 MB]

Download Skype for Windows Desktop (Preview release) [58 MB]

Download Skype for Mac

Download Skype for Linux [.DEB] (Debian)

Download Skype for Linux [.RPM] (RPM based distributions)

Download Skype for Android

Download Skype for iOS

Download Skype for Windows Mobile

Download Skype Portable (Skype 7.40 classic)

Fix Error: Please Install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the Best Experience


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